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Showing my dog in a conformation class

Hi, my name is Sandy Hendrickson, I’m the proprietor of Pampered Pet Services and I have a diverse background in pet care and accounting.

I grew up in a small town outside Indianapolis, Indiana where my parents bred and raised golden retrievers. I participated in the care and training of our golden retrievers for obedience, confirmation and field competitions that our family would compete in. Our family vacations were planned around various dog competitions across the nation (and I’m proud to say) where our dogs earned many championships. Additionally, I was a member of the 4-H Club of America for many years, worked at the local community kennel (where I learned the pros and cons of boarding animals) and have been a volunteer at numerous animal shelters.

In addition to my pet care knowledge I also have over twenty years of progressive accounting experience, which I received during my previous career. Having worked for many companies has given me the insight I now use to run a professional in-your-home pet care business. Furthermore, continuous pet care education is important to me, therefore, I attend the annual National Pet Sitters Conference for business owners each year. I also ensure that each Pet Pal (pet sitter) goes through the yearly American Red Cross training for Pet First Aid/CPR certification.

My sister, Becky and I with our dogs

Currently, my husband and I have four great cats that are willing to share their home with us. First there is Coco our 16-year-old female brown tabby. We also have three three-year-old littermates. Duke is our first male cat; he is a gray long hair maine coon. His sisters are Autumn, a long hair tortoiseshell, and Jewel a gray short hair tabby. See their pictures on the gallery page.

I have spent my entire life caring for an array animals and I am truly grateful to be doing what I love for a living, pet sitting / pet care. Please be assured that Pampered Pet Services is dedicated to providing the service, attention and love your pets are accustomed to and deserving of.

Owners of Pampered Pet Services, offering in-home pet sitting, daily dog walking, cat sitting, overnight stays, house/security checks, pet first aid

Sandy and her husband, Pat

Sandy, her sister Becky, her Mom Judy, & her brother Jeff, with his dog Allie at the Indianapolis 500 Speedway walk-a-thon benefiting the Humane Society