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Dog Training


Course length: 8 weeks – $149



Kristopher Mayfield is a Companion Animal Dog Training Instructor. He has 12 years of canine knowledge and handling experience. He began his training apprentice in an animal shelter, evaluating dogs for adoption. Kristopher continued his love for working with animals with Pampered Pet Services Resort and Spa in September 2010. He continues his vocation focusing on his passion, dog training. His training style focuses on positive reinforcement and bonding with your pet. He welcomes every family member to participate in the learning experience. His goal is to teach patience and consistency in the commands you learn to enrich the relationship with your pet. Kris is always available to discuss any additional concerns you may have during your training class sessions.


Puppy Obedience teaches basic commands while your pet learns to interact to new objects and experiences along with socializing with other dogs. It will set you up for continued training and working with the notorious puppy impulses or terrible two’s.

Basic Obedience teaches you and your dog: manners, basic commands and leash work.

Private Training offers a one hour one-on-one training lesson to aid in targeted trouble areas that your canine companion may be struggling in. He recommends all family members attend the lesson(s) to assure they understand the instructions given for a successful outcome.

Private One-on-One Training Lesson scheduled at the resort – $50 per dog per session

Private One-on-One Training Lesson scheduled at your home – start at $70 per dog per session

Training while your canine is boarding – $50 per dog per session


Prior to your first Obedience Training session:

  • Please provide a receipt showing your dog is current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper and Canine Bordetella.
  • Our Client Agreement form is required to be completed and returned. You can print a copy from our website under the “Forms” column or pick up a copy at the resort.
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes to the first class to allow time for us to check you in, collect any paper work and process payment. The training obedience fee is non-refundable.
  • Please bring a high currency training treat your pet enjoys or bits of chicken, bits of cheese, and perhaps a favorite toy.
  • Kris suggests feeding your dog his/her dinner after class. Being food motivated will aid in training; along with praise.


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