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Pampered Pet Services Resort & Spa

Full-Service Pet Care Provider in Dundee, IL
Dog Boarding, Dog Daycare, Dog Training,
Dog Swimming Therapy, Pet Sitting & Dog Grooming

Pet Sitting Services


We offer in-home pet sitting and dog walking services for caring pet owners who prefer to have their pets cared for in their own home. Our pet sitter will stop by your home and take care of your dog and or cat’s needs. Each visit will last for an average of 25 minutes.


Before providing pet sitting services, your pet sitter will come to your home to meet your pets and to give you the opportunity to meet us. While we are getting to know each other, we will have you complete some necessary paperwork. This will also give us time to inquire about your vet information, emergency contacts, and the pet’s background and instruction for their care. This appointment is designed to last approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The registration fee is $25.00.


This visit is designed for those clients who work long days. Our pet sitter will stop by and take your dog for a walk or play with them in your yard for their bathroom break. Each midday dog visit will be an average of 25 minutes. Your pet sitter will give your pet fresh water (and food if required). The fee for this service starts at $20.00 per visit.


This visit is for those who are away for more than one day. Our pet sitters will care for your pets, play with them in your yard or take them for a walk for their bathroom break, clean the cat litter box, and give them fresh water and food. Each vacation visit will be an average of 25 minutes. If needed, extra time will be allowed for multiple pet homes. In addition, mail and newspapers will be brought into your home. To make your house look occupied special arrangements can be made during our registration visit. Examples: turning lights on and off, opening and closing drapes, turning TV and/or radio on and off. The fee for this service starts at $20.00 per visit.


  • There is an additional fee for more than four domestic pets.
  • To pick up and/or to return a key there is $20.00 fee. We recommend you have us keep a key on file.
  • Taxi service (example to the vet or groomer) starting at $20.00.
  • Overnight pet sitting at the customers home. Arrive at 9:00p.m. leave after 6:00a.m. Starting at $70.
  • Holiday rates apply. Please call for details.
  • Prior to scheduling a pet sitting service at Pampered Pet Services Resort & Spa (PPSRS) a valid credit card must be on file. A 24 hour notice is required for a cancellation of any service provided by PPSRS.  Less than a 24 hour notice will result in a full charge of that service on your credit card.