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Dog Swimming Therapy

  • Dog Hydrotherapy
  • Swimming Wellness for your pet
  • Veterinarian Approved


dog swimming therapy

Dog Swimming Therapy is an excellent form of exercise because most of the muscles normally used in movement are involved but without the stresses caused by running on hard ground. On land, each footfall creates a shock wave which travels up the limb and is absorbed by bones, tendons and joints. While these stresses are necessary to maintain healthy, strong bones, if severe, or repetitive, these shock waves can actually damage or weaken the limb, particularly an arthritic joint or one recovering from an injury or surgery. Swimming allows the “working out” and strengthening of the muscles while avoiding this potentially damaging concussion. Also, because of the increased resistance to movement, the muscles have to work harder than they would do on land.


Lungs: Under water, the chest is under pressure from the weight of the water squeezing inwards. This means that every breath requires more effort – the muscles used, particularly while breathing in, have to work harder (try breathing while someone sits on your chest). As any muscle strengthens with exercise, this improves the whole respiratory system.

Heart: The heart has to work harder in order to meet the increased demand for nutrients by all the muscles which are being worked.

If all this sounds like hard work – it is – that’s the idea! For a dog, a 5 minute swim is equivalent to about a 5 mile run. The natural buoyancy of the water and the fact that sudden twists, stops and falls are impossible makes swimming a safe and effective form of exercise for a dog. It’s also very enjoyable for most animals.


15 (2)Finally, our water is heated to the optimum temperature for canine comfort. This helps relaxation and assists blood flow. It also helps to reduce muscle spasm and improve the dogs’ range of movement. And, of course, it is more comfortable for the dogs, making swimming in a heated pool much more enjoyable. The more they enjoy it, the harder they tend to work, and the more benefit they get from it. And that means we, their loving owners, enjoy it too. 


Most dogs will cope quite happily with swimming as a form of wellness exercise. However in the case of an old or unfit dog, or one recovering from an injury or surgery you must get advice from your vet before taking it swimming. If in any doubt at all – ASK YOUR VET! 


Reservations will not be guaranteed without the Client Agreement, Guest Profile and vaccinations completed. 

Prior to scheduling a swimming service at Pampered Pet Services Resort & Spa (PPSRS) a valid credit card must be on file.

A 24 hour notice is required for a cancellation of any service provided by PPSRS.  Less than a 24 hour notice will result in a full charge of that service on your credit card



  • 20 minute session = $40                     Ten 20-minute session = $360 (save $40)
  • 30 minute session = $50                     Ten 30-minute session = $450 (save $50)
  • 40 minute session = $60

All packages expire 90 days from date of purchase 

Prices subject to change.